Flexibility, Security, Stability, Speed & Support!

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Focus On the Work

Keep your focus where it belongs–on the work itself. All the intricacies are taken care of with BIND Studio’s streamlined pipeline. From ingest, color pipeline, publishing, review, and delivery, our pipeline ensures that your shots are online, organized, and artist-ready with effortless efficiency. Say goodbye to file management concerns; our pipeline tools handle it all. Navigate through the creative process seamlessly, and when it’s time to deliver, rest assured that BIND Studio will process your deliverables precisely to your project’s specifications.

Industry Standard Software

Our pipeline is designed for flexibility, seamlessly integrating with any ShotGrid instance without the need for customizations. Simply log in through the BIND Studio portal, and you’re ready to go—industry-standard tools like Nuke, Hiero, RV, Mocha, Syntheyes, and more. Bring your own licenses, or we can help you secure the licenses you need for your project. Flexibility is in our DNA, and we want to be as invested as you are in making sure your project succeeds.

Nuke Publish

We’re integrated with the industry’s best software—making your life easier!

After Effects
Open Color IO
Secure Customer Portal

Secure Customer Portal

Secure Customer Access Portal with MFA Authentication. Users can start, stop, and reboot the workstations they have access to, seamlessly launch Desktop sessions, and begin their work. BIND Studio supports artists anywhere in the world.

Security and Support


We know that security is important. Rest assured that BIND Studio will ensure your assets are secure throughout the process. We are there to support your project all the way through. Support for us is more than just having a ticket system. We want to be engaged with your team during the life of your project. We will ensure your project gets the attention and support it needs from beginning to end.

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Control Your Costs

The Cloud offers you unlimited access to computing and storage anywhere in the world. BIND Studio will expand to meet the needs of your project. Need an artist for a few days to work on some shots? No Problem. Spin them up and down with ease. Want to set up a small to medium-sized compositing team for a series? The BIND Studio team will be there with you from start to finish. You pay for what you use, and the BIND Studio team will monitor your systems to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Control Your Costs


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the name BIND Studio?

At BIND Studio, we view workflow and pipeline as interconnected links in a chain. We understand the importance of every link, as the strength of the entire chain depends on it. The chain is your workflow, and we work to ensure that the customer experience using the BIND Platform is seamless and efficient. Each link is meticulously developed to fit into an overall workflow that is not only functional but also intuitive, helping you focus on getting your work done without unnecessary hurdles. Every link matters to us because we know that a strong chain means a successful outcome for our customers.

Can I run your platform in my own enviornment?

We’d be delighted to engage in a discussion with you to evaluate your specific requirements. At its core, BIND Studio aims to offer a comprehensive solution encompassing workstations, software, and pipeline, all seamlessly delivered to our customers. However, we prioritize flexibility and customization. Therefore, we’re eager to understand your overall needs and collaborate on developing a tailored solution that suits you best.

I love the idea of using BIND Studio on my project but I’m not sure where to find artists. Can you help me?

We can help you! We have deep industry contacts and can help you assemble a team based on the needs of your project.

I have a team but they want software not listed on your website.
Can you support us?

Definitely! Reach out and tell us about your needs, and we will work with you to find a solution. We always want to know what software our customers want to use because we want to make sure BIND Studio supports their needs.